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C.I.A.F.S Newsroom:

Please feel free to read and share our news updates.  If you would like to contact us concerning one of our news updates, please reach us via the contact information below:  


                                                        C.I.A.F.S, LLC


                                                        Phone: 407-591-1612

03.07.2012 "C.I.A.F.S. is a proud sponsor of the 11th Annual Revolution Leadership Retreat (RLR) that will be hosted at Seminole Community College in Central Florida on April 21, 2012."  

Chisholm Investment & Financial Services, LLC is proud to be a sponsor of the 11th Annual Revolution Leadership Retreat, an organization that selflessly serves the community by helping high-school and college-level students "to succeed in college, business, and leadership."  To date, over 1,160 students have participated in the Revolution Leadership Retreat.  For more information about RLR, visit it's website: or click here.


02.06.2010 "C.I.A.F.S Launches website":

Chisholm Investments & Financial Services, LLC "C.I.A.F.S, LLC" launched its corporate website on Feb. 6, 2010.  The C.I.A.F.S website was designed to further promote the mission of C.I.A.F.S and offer its services to both domestic and international markets.


Founded on the seven principals of Trust, Honesty, Openness, Respect, Integrity, Character, and Faith in God, Chisholm Investments & Financial Services "C.I.A.F.S, LLC" was established in 2003.  Our company is based in Orlando, Florida and specializes in the areas of providing Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Services, Business Consulting, Credit Consulting, and Tax Planning for individuals, businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations.  C.I.A.F.S also provides educational seminars and programs to businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations.  Our motto is helping you to achieve excellence.  Our company has over 20 years of business and financial experience. To learn more about C.I.A.F.S, please  click on the link below that will take you to our "About Us" page.   

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